Class of 2019: Our Favorite Underclassmen

News team asked seniors to list their favorite underclassmen (and why):

Lucy Klimkowski because she is the closest I will ever get to meeting Beyonce – Abby Klimkowski

Abby Ehrenberger and Ella Manthey – Abby Schirmer

Lauren Meyer – She’s nice and chill – Abi Baca

Mallory Hoffman (my sister) and Marie Adkins (my friend’s sister) – Abigail Hoffman

Saif Karim and Connor Trznadel: Funny people, but at the same time good friends. – Adnan Noorullah

Tyler Crawford because he is so passionate in everything he does and is also a kid who is involved with everything in school. Not to mention he is very very funny. – Adrian Kochmanski

Elena Smith. I have known her forever and she is the nicest person ever – Alexandra Dalzell

I would have to say my brother, Nick Mattran, is my favorite underclassman. He is always there for me , makes me laugh 24/7 and is my best friend.  – Allison Mattran

Matt Savas, Tyler Crawford, Josh Zakoian, Charlie Inion (these guys are the best people to talk to and they always make me laugh, they’re so sweet and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things they do!) – Ally Akerberg

Matt Savas and Tyler Crawford. Two of the most talented and kind underclassmen I’ve ever met!  Jackie Thrasher and Eddie Winkelmann – Angie Thrasher

Kaylin Mitchel- because she always makes me laugh, Taidhgin Trost- he’s my brother I kinda have to like him – Anja Trost

Patrick Gartner, meaty – Anthony Nardi

Sarah Michalak – Ashley Roberts

Paul Lim, Sophie Robinson, Ella Manthey, Kennedy Mark, Kylee and Maddy McMullin – Bailey Schneyr

My favorite underclassman is Brooke Hedberg, probably because she is so light and funny and now she has become one of my best friends.  – Bella Levitan

Pa Secka – Brennen Briske

Peyton Richardson, Noah Siegmeier  – Caitlin Pieroni

Luca Listi he’s super funny – Calvin Pesina

Kimmy Winoker: she’s like a little sister to me – Camille Drain

Jannah Peterman: she’s freaking awesome!  – Cassie Beadell

My favorite underclassman would have to be Julie Carzoli. She’s my mini me and I ADORE her. I’m so proud oh how much she has accomplished and I can’t wait to see how far she goes after graduating early next year! I love u, Julie – Cassie Cassano

Chelsea Gale – My little sister and best friend; always there for me in any situation – Chloe Gale

Christa Reiche, Allie Uhlarik, Grace Kerkbashion and Luca Listi. These kiddos are very determined to succeed, but also don’t take themselves too seriously. They always put a smile on my face.  – Colette Reiche

Charlie Inion, Josh Zakoian, Matt Savas, & Tyler Crawford. I couldn’t choose just one because these 4 boys never fail to put a smile on my face and I know they will always be there if I wanna chat:) – Colleen Schneider

Matt Braley AKA LP because he is a jabroni – Connor Kahoun

Favorite underclassman would be Adri Viegas because she’s a cutie – Cora Knochel

Hunter Berkland because he acts like an underclassman – Dan Rykowski

Allie Klauser, Chelsea Gale, and Karsen Karlblom because they made senior year extra fun – Delaney Minutillo

Zion Smeja because his hair looks like a mop  – Drake Regenhardt

Kelly Gende- She is super athletic and the best sister ever! – Drew Gende

Alana Mocchi, Patrick Gartner, Nick Sittner – Dylan Steinkamp

Forrester Faia, Maddie Flint, Maiyah Devenport – Elena Faia

Chris Kouzios, Matt Savas, Tyler Crawford, Sam Hemstreet, & Trish Georgiou – Emily Kouzios

Saif Karim – my favorite Bio partner – Emmie Farnam

Logan Fredrick because he is the best tennis player. – Erik Podlasek

Charlie Inion because he’s just a good sport when I poke fun at him and he’s not afraid to throw it back at me. Plus he’s just a sweetheart all around.  – Ethan Munk

Katie Birkland because she knows to be straight up – Evan Bennett

Xander Lovell – he’s an edgy freshman – Gavin Jones

Aidan Gilleland – he is fat and proud – Grant Jensen

Jake Koffer: So mature and puts his heart in the things he’s passionate about.  – Halie Collins

Sam Kim. He has been an awesome tennis partner these last two years and I would of love to play with him all four years, if he was a senior. – Hunter Fredrick

Jayden Forte because she always has a smile on her face and such a positive outlook on everything! – Isabella Dimitriou

George and Josh Crandal because they are my Dawgs – Jace Sparks

John cause he’s my brother – Jaclyn Martino

Matt Savas, Charlie Inion, Josh Zakoian because they are always having a good time and they are funny! – Jared Arkell

My favorite underclassmen is Tyler Crawford because he gives everything he does his all and he does it with a smile on his face. – Jared Greiner

Emmett/Matthew Kerr – Jarred Tabor

Kimmy Winoker is my favorite underclassman because she’s big funny. – Jen Briske

Emmett Kerr because he plays baseball – Jered Marrs

Carmina Atienza. Ever since I met her my junior year and her freshman year, she was always so positive and ever time I saw her or when she will say hi to me, I would always smile and feel happy. She is one of she sweetest human beings I have ever met. – Jessica Angeles

Maddie Flint and Maiyah Devenport–These girls were not only my teammates in the pool, but they are also amazing friends: they have listened to me rant about random problems, experienced several of my I-am-going-to-fail-my-classes freak-outs, and are always up for an adventure!  – Jillian Shorten

Marko Mancini because he always makes me laugh and always has a huge smile on his face. He is also very passionate about his music he makes  – Jordan Driver

Taidhgin Trost  – Kaleigh Doroba

B-ball girls <3 – Karly Statter

Bella Crimaldi (Always Happy) – Logan Dooley

Anni Kunigas because she is the happiest, most positive little freshman I’ve ever met. She’s so supportive and I’m going to miss her a lot next year!  – Maddi Carey

Lukey: he’s my brother! Gracie Willis: Love her even though she never listens to me – Maddy Kim

Gabe Silber, one funny guy – Madi Sostarich

Saif Karim – He likes my cats almost as much as I do – Maggie Popovich

Madi O’Brien, Nichole Kiddy, Bella Crimaldi and Julia Vosberg – Maggie Schremp

Lainey Burseth – She is hard-working, kind, and intelligent. – Matt Burseth

Jake Sinchak – Matt Sinchak

Ben Effinger because he’s a good guy – Max Kauffman

Jade Ciezak and Rylee Neumann because they never fail to make me laugh! – Mel Hahn

Bella Sassine – she’s the funniest girl I know! – Mia Jackowski

James Dingle because he’s cool in my gym class – Michael Frachalla

Grace Zanzola and Jade Ciezak because we spent countless hours driving to golf matches jamming in the car and talking gossip. – Morgan Taylor

Taylor Parochelli, because she’s my sister and and she’s funny – Mya Parochelli

My favorite underclassman has to be Michael Effinger because of how happy and nice he is every single day. He can cheer anyone up if they’re not in the brightest mood. – Nick Gutowsky

Lucy Klimkowski because she is always dancing and having a good time. – Nikki Anderson

Zion Smeja because he’s my brother and he’s a qt. – Noah Smeja

Paige Annen (she’s my sister) – Olivia Annen

Lainey  – Owen Hirschey

Noah Breseman because he always has some comment to say during 6th period and they are always poorly timed. – Peter Blanchard

Matt Savas because he’s a kind and fun person to be around. – Ross Relic

Saif Karim. Nuff said. – Sera Trigo

Kimberly Winoker – best little sister & Sam Schultz – coolest freshman I know – Sierra Winoker

Sam Hemstreet, Matt Savas, Elizabeth Tucker  – Sophia Pascente

Pa Secka – Steel Blew

Marie Adkins- she’s been like a little sister to me as well as an amazing friend – Sylvia Hensley

Luca Listi because he is my brother – Tim Cook

Matt Loucks because he never fails to make me laugh.  – Trevor Feucht

Taylor Trax, she’s funny and smart, and my sister; Mackenzie Eisemen, she’s one of my best friends; Jessica Batt, she always makes me laugh.  – Victoria Trax

Angela Manno, really smart and funny, super motivated and loves what she does. – Zach Alexander

Ryan Gregorio  – Zach Gregorio