Class of 2019 Shares Best Memories


Photo credit: Mrs. Buck

The cast and crew of this year's Senior Project musical pose for a silly shot. This year's show raised $1,000 for breast cancer research.

Beating Wauconda in the last 50 seconds in sectional finals my sophomore year – Abby Klimkowski

My best memory was doing the Epic Race this past November because it was such a fun time running around the school being super competitive with some of my best friends and not having any care about what was happening outside of school! – Abby Schirmer

Doing the Preschool Lab with my friends – Abi Baca

When I got into finals at the sectionals tournament for speech team.  I didn’t move on to state, but the experience was amazing. – Adnan Noorullah

My best memory was my junior year soccer season when we went undefeated for the first 14 games of the season and only lost 2 games all year.  – Adrian Kochmanski

Making new friends – Alexandra Dalzell

I would say I really enjoyed PRAC 2019. I felt like the senior class was united that night and everyone was there to just have fun and watch a cool show. – Allison Mattran

Participating in In The Heights and raising money for Puerto Rico through PR4PR! – Ally Akerberg

Watching the 24 Hour Musical last year and knowing all the proceeds were going toward the Mason family. It felt so good knowing our whole school was united under the love for Mr. Mason and that everyone was working and donating toward the same cause. – Amber Johnson

Total Body Fitness during junior year – Angie Thrasher

Going to the state games for football two years in a row and then going for volleyball the following year. – Anja Trost

My favorite memory from PR was my 2018 senior volleyball season when we clinched the super sectional win vs Loyola Academy to go to state. After the game winning point we all fell to the floor in celebration and our fans ran down the bleachers to join us. I remember that I couldn’t stop smiling and shaking because I knew all of our hard work was finally paying off. I was so proud to be part of the PR volleyball program.  – Anna Tulke

Going out to lunch with the Broskies – Anthony Nardi

Winning “Best Color Guard” at our last marching band competition senior year. – Bailey Schneyr

My best memory from PR was when we had that ice storm, and out of nowhere people were being nice and helping each other scrape the ice off of their windshields. It was a nice representation of how some people are PR can be nice to others. – Bella Levitan

Anytime in volleyball – Brennen Briske

Volleyball. I loved getting ready for games and becoming a family with all the girls. – Brooke Faron

Participating in the Epic Race with my friends.  – Caitlin Pieroni

Making it to state with a broken toe – Calvin Pesina

Going to state 2 years in a row  – Camille Drain

Any of the small funny moments with my friends – Carolyn Sveden

Definitely the trip to New York with choir and band. I got to experience so many new things, and the musicals we saw were amazing.  – Cassie Beadell

My best memory at PR was when it was costume day and my best friend (Kelli Seiler)  and I wore Superman onesies to school and pretended to have battles in the hallways. We would dive around the  making sure our capes got some air action for the day. I will never forget people’s mixed reactions… it was priceless  – Cassie Cassano

Going to state my senior year of cross country and getting third place as a team! – Chloe Gale

Decorating the tennis homecoming float my junior year, but getting robbed by volleyball again… – Colette Reiche

My best memory from my time at PR was when I was asked to audition for the 24-hour musical. I didn’t plan on auditioning in the first place but one of my friends recommended that I tried out, so I did it just for fun and I ended up getting the lead. Still not sure how that happened, but I still really enjoyed making the audience laugh and spending time with those who were involved.  – Colleen Schneider

Mr. Boldwyn’s jokes – Cora Knochel

Commons periods with my friends – Delaney Minutillo

Playing the basketball game at home versus Central, with the deafening crowd in our ears as we played our hearts out.  – Drew Gende

Snow tubing field trip  – Dylan Steinkamp

Going on the Costa Rica trip and experiencing another culture. – Elena Faia

My junior year Madrigal Dinner was breathtaking. Wearing beautiful medieval clothing singing stunning choral pieces with my best friends is something I will never forget. It’s a magical experience and you really feel like you’re back in that time period. – Emily Kouzios

Lunch Release  – Erik Podlasek

Running back to makeup crew in the 15 min intermission during my junior year spring play to get all of my cuts and bruises and fake blood put on me for the second act. – Ethan Munk

Finding myself – Evan Bennett

Sitting in front of Jackson in Myth and Legend. – Gavin Jones

Being in an art class. I would recommend an art class to anyone because it allows you to express yourself, and the things you make are yours. It’s like no other class. – Hannah Szubski

Taking my robot to MCC – Hunter Berkland

Going to state with my Golf team junior year. – Hunter Fredrick

Meet the deans – Isaac Wolfinsohn

Participating in the Epic Race! – Isabella Dimitriou

Wrestling at state – Jace Sparks

Football games – Jaclyn Martino

Hosting Prac with Neil! – Jared Arkell

The musical, hands down.  – Jared Greiner

Participating in the Epic Race and being a part of Clout 9. – Jen Briske

Was going to events and hanging out with the bros – Jered Marrs

Best memory has to be able to paint a mural of a set of angel wings in the dark room! It took a while and a lot of motivation to make but it was worth it and I had a lot of fun! Thank you Cummins for letting me do this – Jessica Angeles

Meeting my friends – Jessica Bilodeau

Going to Costa Rica for spring break of my senior year! Not only did we learn a lot, but I loved getting to know my peers and chaperones better! – Jillian Shorten

Going to state for football and volleyball – Jordan Driver

Watching the senior musical – Kaleigh Doroba

All the little moments with my friends  – Karly Statter

Going to the Shakespeare theater at Navy Pier in AP Literature. – Logan Dooley

Performing in front of the entire school at the Homecoming pep rally my senior year.  – Maddi Carey

Freshman year gymnastics state when I was on floor and I tumbled and flew into the crowd, ran back onto the floor,  finished my routine, and then we won! Also when we won the team title the year after and when I won the bars title junior year.  – Maddy Kim

When someone sprayed liquid butt through the hallways  – Madi Sostarich

Playing on the basketball team and meeting new people.  – Madie Bentsen

Watching PRAC senior year – Maggie Popovich

Being on the sidelines with my dad and sister as a football manager and winning 2 State Championships.  – Maggie Schremp

Having honors chemistry with a lot of my friends sophomore year. – Matt Burseth

Being able to expand my group of friends over the last four years. – Matt Sinchak

Junior year soccer – Max Kauffman

Cheering on our football team at the State Championship two years in a row! – Mia Jackowski

Having great conversations with my friends  – Michael Frachalla

Performing in PRAC and stepping out of my comfort zone! – Morgan Taylor

The homecoming parades – Mya Parochelli

I enjoyed going on a trip to the Field Museum in Chicago for our Humanities class.  – Nathan Ryskulov

Prom my junior year! I loved going to the banquet with all of my friends and it was a very fun time. We got to dance, take pictures in the Photo Booth, and had some amazing dinner as well.  12 hour Senior Musical. – Nikki Anderson

Scoring winning goals for the soccer team and bonding with my brothers. – Noah Smeja

Going to State for volleyball – Olivia Annen

At chess club – Owen Hirschey

Sophomore year choir concert when I had a solo and it was the most entertaining concert of the year. – Peter Blanchard

Both times I sang as a Madrigal in the Madrigal dinners and sang on the Madrigal tours. – Ross Relic

When the Fall Play went to Theatre Fest! It was such a great environment and fun to get exposed to all other schools and get out of our comfort zones.  – Sophia Pascente

Going to state with football – Steel Blew

Making it to state for speech team alongside three of my closest friends. We worked tirelessly the entire school year and some of the summer with that goal in mind and to see it happen was absolutely incredible. Seeing their joy magnified my own joy so much. I never thought I would cry tears of joy about a trip to central Illinois but that day definitely did it for me.  – Sylvia Hensley

Basketball games – Tim Cook

Constructing the ticket booths by the football field with my class.  – Trevor Feucht

The New York trip for choir and Homecoming week – Victoria Trax

Back to freshman year, when I went to my first football game as a student with my friends. It was my first time being apart of a community like that. – Zach Alexander

Football games – Zach Gregorio