1 in 3 Seniors Say Teachers are the Best Thing About PR


Prairie Ridge High School Teachers pose at the end of their dance feature during the fall 2018 Homecoming Assembly. The teacher dance is always a crowd favorite.

The Wolf Prints news team asked seniors several questions via an online survey in April. For this post, seniors finished this prompt: “The Best Thing about PR …”

The athletics & how supportive that community is   – Abby Klimkowski

The best thing about PR is the community and how many opportunities there are for us to get to know other people and become friends with other people! – Abby Schirmer

Is the education you get from all the teachers – Abi Baca

The people: students, teachers, counselors. – Adnan Noorullah

Extracurricular activities.  – Adrian Kochmanski

The teachers: they can make your class awesome or super boring – Alexandra Dalzell

The best thing about PR is the teachers, no doubt. They are funny, helpful and smart. What else can you ask for? – Allison Mattran

The teachers! Every teacher I’ve had here cares so much about their students and always wishes for the best. All of them are easy to talk to and I feel very comfortable with them and can talk to them about anything!  – Ally Akerberg

Definitely the teachers! – Amber Johnson

Graduation – Angie Thrasher

Gym volleyball – Anja Trost

Pretty good colors-maroon and silver! – Anna Tulke

Going out to lunch with the broskies – Anthony Nardi

One of the few well-funded schools in the American school system – Ashley Roberts

The band room. – Bailey Schneyr

The best thing about PR is the school spirit that everyone has on game day. Even if the football team is not as good as it once was, we are still supportive over them. Even though the marching band killed it this year, but mostly over the thrill of being a super fan and having that rush of PRide.  – Bella Levitan

The teachers’ personalities – Brennen Briske

The curriculum – Brooke Faron

All the teachers are so supportive.  – Caitlin Pieroni

The students – Calvin Pesina

Environment  – Camille Drain

Our teachers – Carolyn Sveden

The acceptance of everyone, it seems like everyone has somewhere where they can just be themselves.  – Cassie Beadell

Would be the atmosphere that is provided for all the students. We have the best most understanding staff out there. Shout out to all the people in the office, I love all of you. Thanks for never giving up on me and bribing me with stickers and candy so I would show up to school on time. – Cassie Cassano

The amazing teachers and the community of people! – Chloe Gale

The amazing support system you have between teachers, students and advisors! Also the Twitter fights with Dr. Koch. – Colette Reiche

We have an amazing business program that showed me what business life is really like, and it helped me figure out what I want to do with my future! – Colleen Schneider

Atmosphere  – Connor Kahoun

Teachers being more than just teachers – Cora Knochel

PR has Windows computers in the library which means I can play good video games on them. – Dan Rykowski

Lunch Release – Delaney Minutillo

Going out to lunch.  – Drake Regenhardt

Most of the teachers want you to succeed and are super nice about helping you through the long processes of learning.  – Drew Gende

Kickstarts – Dylan Steinkamp

The teachers – Elena Faia

The friendships and teachers.  – Emilee Farstead

PR’s versatility is so amazing. There’s always something new to try out whether it’s the Medical Club, beginners art classes, a language club, student council, or choir. – Emily Kouzios

The faculty and staff! They really care about all the students and take time to get to know you. – Emmie Farnam

Lunch Release – Erik Podlasek

The people – Ethan Munk

The atmosphere – Evan Bennett

The opportunities – Gavin Jones

The support from the staff – Grant Jensen

How easy it is to get involved and challenge yourself! – Halie Collins

How much most teachers care about you. Teachers may seem mean, but they just want to make sure you graduate. – Hannah Szubski

The resources. If you want to 3D print you can. If you want to learn to code you can. Even if you want to laser cut wood you can, and there are plenty of nice people to help you. – Hunter Berkland

All the new friends I made, but gym volleyball was great too. – Hunter Fredrick

Commons – Isaac Wolfinsohn

The staff making sure everything runs so smoothly.  – Isabella Dimitriou

Late start Monday  – Jace Sparks

Air conditioning – Jaclyn Martino

The opportunities to experience new things – Jared Arkelll

The teachers and the opportunities that are presented to all the students. – Jared Greiner

Quality education – Jarred Tabor

Definitely our school spirit 🙂 – Jen Briske

Sports – Jered Marrs

The teachers and the support of the community – Jessica Angeles

The teachers here – Jessica Bilodeau

The teachers – Jillian Shorten

The teachers and students – Jordan Driver

The teachers – Kaleigh Doroba

Late start Monday and lunch release  – Karly Statter

Students are given a lot of freedom to explore their passions both in class and in extracurriculars. – Logan Dooley

School Spirit at football games.  – Maddi Carey

Teachers and the gymnastics team.  – Maddy Kim

Teachers – Madi Sostarich

The football games.  – Madie Bentsen

Food Fridays!! – Maggie Popovich

The amazing teachers and classmates.  – Maggie Schremp

The people you meet along the way, whether that be new friends or teachers. – Matt Burseth

The people in it (with a few exceptions, but we won’t talk about those). – Matt Sinchak

Friends – Max Kauffman

The teachers – Mel Hahn

The students and staff! I have made some great friendships with my peers and have had some amazing teachers these past 4 years! – Mia Jackowski

The cool students – Michael Frachalla

The teachers. They are always there when you need them and they give up their time to help you. – Morgan Taylor

Seeing my friends every day  – Mya Parochelli

Late start Mondays – Nathan Ryskulov

I’d say the best thing about PR is the staff. We are so fortunate to have an amazing principal along with top of the notch security and wonderful, enthusiastic teachers. – Nick Gutowsky

Volleyball in gym – Nikki Anderson

Being with the boys during commons and all the friendships I’ve made. – Noah Smeja

The teachers – Olivia Annen

Community – Owen Hirschey

The atmosphere at the football games is always positive. – Peter Blanchard

A lot of the teachers are great people who are dedicated to educating their students and providing them a great environment to learn.  Also, the fine arts department. – Ross Relic

The engineering lab – Sera Trigo

Friday night football games and homecoming week – Sierra Winoker

The community! Everyone is very friendly and you can always find someone to talk to! – Sophia Pascente

The students and opportunities  – Steel Blew

The school spirit! – Sylvia Hensley

Late start Monday – Tim Cook

The very helpful staff.  – Trevor Feucht

The people  – Victoria Trax

The wide range of AP Classes, as everyone can find something they’re proficient in and challenge themselves. – Zach Alexander

Students – Zach Gregorio