Social Media Benefits School

a letter to the editor

Dear Wolf Prints,

I would like to talk about social media and how it benefits the school. Some teachers may say that social media is a distraction for students and doesn’t help them to focus on school work, but I will show you how social media can benefit the school in a different way than you thought.

Researchers from the University of Science & Technology of China and the City University of Hong Kong found that social media sites can help students become academically and socially integrated and can even improve learning outcomes. Some of the students said that using social media is how they can share and discuss knowledge and collaborate with other students. Social media has helped these students learn from each other and find common ground with their interests.

I feel like social media could help our students in our school to better understand how to do the tasks that they’re assigned. They could find difficulties that other students have and work through it together. People should work through problems together, not solo.

Social media can help the school connect with the students more so they don’t have to feel like they’re getting constantly pressured by the school. Social media is a natural communication platform and students could feel more comfortable talking to teachers because it is more casual.

Thank you for your time,

Ethan Haas (class of 2021)