All We Have Left by Wendy Mills

All We Have Left by Wendy Mills

All We Have Left by Wendy Mills

September 11th, 2001 the twin towers came down with friends, family, and co-workers. From the inside they thought it was a drill, until they saw smoke, fire, things crashing down, and explosions. Alia and Travis are two teenagers stuck inside this horrible mess, but only one survives.

Several years later, Jesse grieves for her brother Travis, remembering good times they shared like when he carried her around, bouncing on his shoulders. Now her family is broken. Her parents won’t talk about that night or her brother. His scratchy voicemail leaves them wanting to know more about how he died and why he was there.

Jesse’s grief connects her to others who lost a loved one because of 9/11, and their anger leads them to spray paint brick buildings so their “Muslims, go home” message can be seen by the world to make sure 9/11 does not happen again.

When she was ordered to spend time at the Peace Center for her crimes, Jesse kept to herself and felt embarrassed. Shocked to find her crush there, she felt mortified that he knew what she had done. Her time at the Peace Center helped her see that the Muslims weren’t the animals she thought they were, and they even helped her find answers about her brother’s death.

Alia was in the Twin Towers with Travis, Jesse’s brother, at her side. No one knew they were in the towers because they both were not supposed to be there. Travis was there to say goodbye to his grandfather, and Alia was there to get a permission slip signed by her dad. Now they were stuck in an elevator that was about to kill them, and all kinds of questions were going through Alia’s mind. What was their survival likelihood? Do they jump out of a window like a lot of other people? Better than being burned to death, right? Will they even make it halfway down? Will they survive at all? How could they tell their families about what happened? Will they ever?

Readers do not know whether Jesse and Alia will learn they were both connected to Travis, a brother, and a hero.

Read this suspense thriller to know what happens … I was hooked and since you are still reading this, I think you are too. Read this book and find out what happens with Alia, Travis, and Jesse.