PR’s Fall Play Makes History Hysterical


Here’s a quick history question: who discovered North America? Likely 99% of readers will have responded “Christopher Columbus.” However, contrary to popular belief, this isn’t true at all. It was in fact a humble Italian mapmaker named Amerigo Vespucci who, in fact, figured out that Columbus had stumbled upon a new continent (as he initially believed it to be Asia). Unless you’re currently enrolled in AP European History, you would’ve likely never known this fact, and believe it or not there are dozens of other misconceptions about our history. Luckily the fall play is here to clear them up.

For those of you who aren’t aware, this year’s Fall Play is The Complete History of America Abridged. The play itself is essentially a two hour long history lesson that simultaneously guides audience members through several centuries of history while also tossing in a variety of jokes, puns, visual gags, and jabs at historical misconceptions and modern American society. As such, it contains a colorful cast of characters ranging from soldiers serving in World War II to named figures like Thomas Jefferson and President Nixon.

The play was initially penned in 1999 by the Reduced Shakespeare Company, a theatre company famous for other plays such as The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged. It was written and performed by three people: Adam Long, Reed Martin, and Austin Tichenor. This trio of actors had to portray a variety of characters, manage props, and even choreograph musical numbers. However, the play has been revised to be put on by a cast of fourteen for this year’s production.

Whether you’re a die-hard history geek, an APUSH student, or merely a general audience member of any age, The Complete History of America Abridged delivers a comedic punch that anyone can take smiling. Performances begin October 4 and go until October 7 at 7 PM, with tickets being sold at the door (adults $8 and kids $5). Be prepared for a show that makes history hysterical!