Taylor Swift Returns to Pop with Her New Album Reputation


Instagram via Harper's BAZAAR

Taylor Swift's empty Instagram page caused much speculation among her fans.

The suspense. The anxiousness. The craving. Us Taylor fans are longing for her new album Reputation. On August 18, 2017, her 102 million followers at the time were left in confusion when Taylor Swift made a bold social media decision.  Why would Taylor delete all of her posts on her Instagram? Why did she unfollow everybody on her social media accounts? These are questions only she has the answers to, but the fans were intrigued. Something big must be happening, and it did when her album was released on November 10, 2017.

When Swift came out with her 1989 album, everyone was shocked at her choice to become a pop singer, but, her bold decision to switch music genres was a smooth transition for her. Being nominated for thirty-one grammys, actually winning 10 of those nominations, and always staying true to herself, Taylor Swift is a modern pop icon many individuals, young and old, look up to and admire.

As seen in previous albums and the media, Taylor Swift likes to express her past and present relationships through her songs. Songs like, Love Story, Fifteen and All Too Well, etc, are all songs where Swift shares her relationship experiences with her fans in order to form a strong bond with them. However, her album Reputation is more of a self empowering album. Although her songs in her album Reputation shows similarities with rhythm to her album 1989, it also possesses many differences. Instead of singing about her past relationships, she is singing about herself and how she is becoming a strong, independent woman. In her song Look At What You Made Me Do, she claims “Sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh! Because she’s dead!” Also in her song Ready For it…?, she sings “Are you ready for it?” Multiple times. This really gives the listeners the message that this is a new and improved Taylor Swift, and she’s comin’ in hot!

Jacqueline Kuhn, PR junior, says that Swift’s new album is “outside of the box and different from what she typically performs, making her new album fun and a good comeback from all of the hate she gets.”

From hearing his sister blast Reputation on repeat, sophomore Nick Mattran, varsity football player and wrestler, claims that “Taylor’s new album shows a variety of her talented vocals. I guess she ain’t too bad after all.” This shows that Taylor’s new music appeals to people outside of her expected audience.

Junior Colleen Schneider echos Jaci’s statement with: “her new album allows her fans to see a different side of her, and it’s showing how she isn’t just a teenager girl anymore, she is a fierce woman.”

Will Taylor Swift remain Pop, or will she return to her country roots? Only time will tell, but for now, let’s bop to these pop songs and appreciate her hard work.