A La La Lovely Movie


Director Damien Chazelle brings to life a harmonious blend of music and romance in his critically-acclaimed and award-winning movie, La La Land, a movie about following your passions and falling in love.

The musical drama follows Mia (Emma Stone), a young woman trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood, and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a struggling jazz musician waiting for his big break in L.A. After running into each other on several occasions, a magical romance blossoms between the the duo, and an enticing plot of the ups and downs of their lives in “La La Land” unfolds. The realistic storyline portrays the many struggles of Mia and Sebastian with realness and raw emotion that audiences can relate to and appreciate, thanks to the admirable acting of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, which has won each of them a Golden Globe award. The dynamic duo bring charm and passion to the movie, along with fantastic singing and dancing skills that make the musical aspect so lively and entertaining.

The film is characterized by a jazz-influenced theme that combines retro with modern and appears in the songs, dances, and wardrobes of the characters throughout its entirety.

The musical element is smoothly incorporated into the plot of the drama, delighting audiences with vibrant songs such as “Another Day of Sun” and “Start a Fire” that put a magical modern twist on old jazz and fit in well with each scene. The accompanying dance numbers and bold wardrobe choices such as Mia’s colorful dresses and Sebastian’s vintage-style suits work harmoniously to add to the playfulness and fusion of retro and modern.

The music, acting, and overall plot are what make La La Land such an enjoyable movie to watch from start to finish. The creative mind of Director Damien Chazelle has even won the movie several outstanding awards including Best Director, Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography and more from the Critics’ Choice Awards and along with a handful of Golden Globes. It is anticipated that La La Land will score a few awards at the upcoming Oscars as well. Chazelle’s movie currently holds a top place at the box office, which has yet to fall.

This mesmerizing movie is a must-see, so make sure to go see it in theaters right away!