Volleyball’s My Life

meet Prairie Ridge junior Savannah Sheridan

The adrenaline rush, my blood pumping, pure excitement, and the intensity of the game. The roar the crowd makes when you explode up the net and solo block that great hit the other team would have had.

Playing volleyball is my life.

I have no clue what I would do without it. Making friends while staying competitive is such a fun thing to do. Without my team I would never be who I am today.

I was a bench warmer my freshman year on B team. But then club volleyball came into the picture, with months of hard training. Barely ever playing, I still got better and better every day.

The main reason I started playing volleyball was because of the feeling I got on the court. Coming together in the middle and letting your teammates know that working together is the only option, and committing to your job on the court. There is definitely no I in team. WE win as a team and WE lose as a team. That’s that.

As a junior in high school and playing volleyball 24/7, I know from experience that keeping up in school is vital. My biggest goal is to get into a good college with a scholarship through volleyball and be an Occupational Therapist for permanently disabled kids. If I had to pick my biggest dream, it would be to go to the Olympics for volleyball.

Staying positive and only allowing improvement, my motto that I say to myself when I mess up or am doing bad is “I can only improve.”