One Voice World Premiere

“The world changes one day at a time, one person at a time, one action at a time.” Mr. Dusenske may have started changing the world, through his original play, One Voice. One Voice premieres Thursday, October 30th and runs until November 1st.

So what’s so great about this play? Senior Erika Oesau, playing the role of Bree, says that “It will inspire you and inspire others.”

Mr.Dusenske is one of the amazing guidance counselors here at PR, and he combined his want to help people with his love of theater to write “One Voice”. When asked about what makes this play special he explained that “there are so many different ideas that [he] tried to convey in the script, but the main idea is the power that every person has to make a difference. Every day the choices we make, the way we treat and talk to other people, and the way we choose to view the world can either help or hurt the people around us. And if everyone is more aware of that, and more intentional about trying to ‘be the good,’ the benefits could be huge.”

The cast is made up of almost 50 students: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The crew is more than double that. Mr. Dusenske adds, “It’s [also] important to celebrate the hard work the students have been doing both in the cast and the crew”. And the play itself is inspired by students just like them, and the audience they hope to reach.

This play has the potential to change the school, one person at a time, and the hope is that everyone who comes into a performance comes out a better person, inspired to change the world, one action at a time.