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Seniors’ Fears for the Future

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Dying – AJ Weber
Not reaching my goals or never traveling.  – Alli Clark
Not fulfilling my dreams  – Anna Miller
Figuring out what state I want to live in. I know I want to travel a lot before making a final decision when I settle down. I’m just curious as to where I’m going to end up. – Ashley Blitek
Having no direction and not achieving any of my goals. – Audrey Peterson
Losing contact of my high school friends!  – Baylee Todd
Ozone layer depletion (@ Mr. Senese) – Becca Beecroft
Losing connections with my roots  – Ben Schultz
Not finding a good job – Benjamin M. Walneck
If I don’t get to work for that dream company for engineering  – Bill Rittenhouse
Making the wrong choice – BJ Llaneta
Not liking the future. – Cam Smith
Fortnite losing the lawsuit to PUBG – Cameron Karney
Changing my mind on what I want to do and feeling lost. – Carter Collins
Water pollution – Chris MacDonald
Making the wrong decision. – Christian Burgos
Cleaning and repairing things on my own because I honestly have no idea how to repair/build things on my own. – Colin Lamb
Finding a successful and fulfilling career. – Cooper Tomlin
Matt King throwing my backpack in various garbage cans. – Daniel Lamar
What I should do with my life – Danny Sievers
Artificial Intelligence   – David Pecoraro
Taxes  – Dean Reid
Choosing the wrong path – Dominic Rubino
Finding a career and not being fully happy  – Emilee Covers
Not loving what I’m doing – Emily Jepsen
That I will settle for a simple life instead of continuing to challenge myself – Emma Jewell
Losing touch with my friends  – Emma Laurx
Not becoming successful… – Erik Truitt
Being too awesome – Garrett Weiler
Failing to succeed – Halle Baldwin
If I don’t end up loving my career – Hayden Bellson
Not knowing what it has in store, whether good or bad  – Hayley Smith
Don’t have a future – Iñigo Oropeza Gutierrez
Not succeeding in my career   – Jack Coens
Managing my time correctly – Jack Lotito
Money – Jack Rudolf
Not making money. – Jacob Ommen
Not getting into the officer program – Jake Pavoris
Finding a job for me – Jason Giffels
Student loans! – Jena Berkland
Not being able to be doing what I want and what I love.  – Jenna Hussar
Not knowing what I want to do  – Jessie Ahrens
Fixing my lack of effort  – Jimmy Zitnik
Losing some of the friends I have here at PR.  – Joe Perhats
Robot Spiders taking over the universe – John Pergler
Not being successful in life – Johnny Lenzi
Not making enough money and becoming the next Elon Musk – Joseph Hansen
My biggest fear about the future is not staying in contact with some of the really important people I have met throughout high school. – Justine Golata
Not knowing what will happen – Katarina Schaffer
Ozone layer depletion.  – Katie Frey
Not impacting the world as much as I plan to. – Katie Hemstreet
Leaving my dog – Katie Schaschwary
Never being able to show the people who supported me at this age what I’ve accomplished and make them proud. – Katie Svehla
Not having my dog at college  – Kaylee Langland
Never being able to decide on a major/career path.  – Kelsy Turskey
Not being happy – Kendall Greenberg
Getting caught up in life and not doing the things that I want to do now – Kevin Gilbert
Debt – Kyle Hamilton
Growing up – Kyle Krcmar
Change – Kylie Costello
Failure – Lillian Voce
To fail – Lina Ramann
Becoming too successful  – Lukas Sokalski
Finding a job – Mackenzie Garis
Not ending up with my own Food Network show. – Maddie King
Failing and having to live at my parents’ house for the rest of my life.  – Madison Hawrysz
Making too much money – Matthew King
Having to make new friends and create new relationships whenever I move somewhere new. – Matthew Tremblay
Not staying close with my friends that go to colleges far from me.  – May LaRue
Humans ruining the environment past a a salvageable point.  – Megan Anderson
Not knowing where I will end up! Those who know me well know that I love to plan things way in advance, I am not the “out of the blue decides to go on vacation” type of girl, which I accept. So, not knowing where I will be in 10 years frightens me a little but it also makes me very excited 🙂  – Melina Weil
Not achieving success  – Michael Pilafas
Being around people that are not positive and not passionate – Mitch Mueller
Having a 12 car garage, but only 10 cars – Nick Marconi
The uncertain aspects.  – Nick Sargeant
Heights – Nicola Falco
Failing my classes in college and not pursuing my dream career because of it. – Nina Raemont
Not pursuing the things I actually want to do – Patrick Nasta
Enrolling in a school where nobody I know will be attending with me.  – Payton Phelps
Not finding the right job and not being able to enjoy my life. – Quinten Luri
Finding a new community in college. – Rachel Cantin
Boys  – Rachel Santi
Sievers coming to live with me and Kazin after he gets kicked out of Gilbert’s dorm – Ryan Eschman
Define Fear – Ryan Figgs
Not being happy or having a job I enjoy. – Saffron Durrant
Not knowing what I’m going to do.  – Sam Concialdi
Being too broke to afford my future apartment in Washington, DC – Samantha Tucker
Loving my profession. – Sean Sullens
That I won’t live up to people’s expectations. – Shannon Batliner
Where I will end up – Sydney Riddell
Falling down the stairs to my doom one day… it’s been a rough 4 years – Sydney White
Having to manage myself. – Tyler Mead
Doing my own laundry  – Valerie Tarazi
Changing my major in college often – Vanessa Aguirre

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Seniors’ Fears for the Future