Most Embarrassing Moments

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Read how seniors in the Class of 2018 finished this prompt: “My most embarrassing moment at school was …”

Winning the selfie with Dr. Koch – AJ Weber
Falling into the stream by the Jr. Wolves football field during bio my freshman year. – Alli Clark
Crying at football practice freshman year. – Anna Nash
Any time my voice cracked in choir. – Audrey Peterson
I went home “sick” freshman year because my crush asked someone else to homecoming.  – Baylee Todd
Dropping my lunch tray all over the floor at pom camp as a freshman – Becca Beecroft
Walking into the wrong class when schedules changed second semester  – Ben Schultz
Not being prepared for my speech freshman year and getting up there to say “Ha yeah I’ve got nothing” – Bill Rittenhouse
When wasn’t it? – BJ Llaneta
Walking into a Junior class instead of freshman seminar and seeing my friends older sister, Paulina and her saying “awww it’s okay Cam” – Cam Smith
I farted really loud in the bathroom and my teacher heard :/ – Carter Collins
When my pants fell down on stage in front of an auditorium full of people. – Chris MacDonald
People thinking I’m straight. – Christian Burgos
Farting in business law junior year (I thought it was going to be silent…but don’t worry, I played it off well) – Colin Lamb
One day, playing Freshman baseball in sub zero weather and then pitching without have any sense of feeling in my hands so the ball flew 30 ft above the catcher or directly into the ground every time I threw.  – Jack Coens
Stuttering while asking question during a Lyceum (those m’s are a bit dodgy) – Jack Lotito
Myself in the past – Jack Rudolf
Ripping my pants 2x in the same month – Jacob Ommen
Walking into the wrong classroom – Jake Pavoris
Dropping my hot dog in the middle of the lunchroom first day of freshman year – Jason Giffels
Getting a red card during my sectional soccer game.  – Jena Berkland
Getting hit in the face with a dodgeball in gym.  – Jenna Hussar
Cutting the wire off a track saw and leaving the wire plugged into the wall while I went to tell Mr. Cummins, as well as breaking a measuring triangle by using it as a crowbar. – Jerod Lawrence
Cracking my own windshield with a water bottle  – Jimmy Zitnik
Losing to Mr Hlavacek in a game of basketball.  – Joe Perhats
Giving a Speech I made up on the spot – John Pergler
Freshman year when I walked around with dog poop on the bottom of my shoe all day. – Johnny Lenzi
Going to the first day of baseball practice as a freshman (I was on the sophomore team so I practiced with varsity) and I was the only one not wearing PR colors or a PR practice jersey, I had a bright red shirt on. – Joseph Hansen
Sitting in silence in my first period Spanish class on the first day of freshman year – Julia Alvey
My most embarrassing moment at school was completely messing up the pledge one morning on the announcements to the ENTIRE school. – Justine Golata
At a football game, I got there early and I fell all the way down the bleachers (but almost no one was there so it was okay.) – Katarina Schaffer
My Sophomore year I was in the Musical “Nice Work If You Can Get It” and I was one of the chorus girls. In one scene we have these dresses that we had to take off during one of the dances to reveal lingerie (I know, already scandalous). Well the scene before that we had this elaborate costume that required a quick change to the next scene that was maybe 1 minute at the most and we had to put on multiple layers of clothing. So we start the scene where we take off the dresses and about 30 secs into the dance we take our dresses off, well I take mine off to see that I had forgotten the shirt part of my lingerie. And there was a crowd of maybe 300+ people in the audience. I finished the scene, mortified but thankful that I at least had on my nude leotard.  – Katie Hemstreet
Tripping during the pacer, not once but twice – Kaylee Langland
Freshman year as a whole  – Kendall Greenberg
Showing up to school with my shorts on backwards – Kevin Gilbert
Getting demolished in volleyball many times as a freshman – Kyle Hamilton
When my friend tripped me in the hallway  – Kyle Krcmar
When my pants ripped when I sat down. And not at the seams but the fabric. I was low-key panicking while a stayed seated to decide whether or not I would stay at school for the last 45 minutes of the day. – Kylie Costello
That awkward photo from track season last year – Larry Lawrence
During the 12 hour musical, we had a dance circle and I impulsively decided to butt spin in front of the entire theater and I couldn’t stop spinning.   – Lillian Voce
Pronunciation mistakes during presentations.  – Lina Ramann
Walking into the wrong classroom my freshman year and I sat down and kept wondering why everyone was looking at me funny!! – Mackenzie Garis
Confidently walking into the wrong classroom halfway through the semester sophomore year.  – Maddie King
Freshman year, a senior boy pointed me out to his friend as “the girl who fell down the stairs”. – Maddie Wittwer
Tripping up the stairs in a huge crowd on the first day of school freshman year. – Madison Hawrysz
Trying to do a high kick in gym one day, failing, and landing on my butt – Matthew Tremblay
Freshman year overall – May LaRue
I saw a girl and her parents walking into the office one morning, so I walked up to them and introduced myself thinking that they were a new family. Turns out they weren’t, and the parents recognized me because their daughter was in my grade! – Megan Anderson
My most embarrassing moment was 1st semester senior year, Senora Lee’s Spanish class, on the 2nd or 3rd day of school, she makes us do an oral. I go up to the front of the class, and having practiced all day I felt I was ready to present and do well. However, my first line goes, Hola me llamo Melino. I screwed up my own name. Senora Lee had tears in her eyes she was laughing so hard!! I was so mad because that was the first grade in the grade book and the first impression that I had on my classmates that year…  – Melina Weil
My first day freshman year, Manny E. accidentally ran into me and my lunch fell everywhere – Michael Pilafas
Beginning of Freshman year, grabbing all kinds of things to buy for lunch, until going to pay and not having any money on my account and having to put everything back. – Mitch Mueller
Getting put in the trash freshmen year – Nick Marconi
Laughing so hard I started to cry – Nick Sargeant
Falling out of a 25 foot tree – Nicola Falco
My freshman year, I was so excited to wear a new pair of jeans to school. I was having such a good day, until 3rd period when my friend told me that the huge sizing sticker was still on my back calf. I wanted to die!! – Nicolette Schlup
At a speech tournament I was presenting my speech about the science behind love and my voice squeaked accidentally when I said the word “sex.” For thirty seconds afterwards I stood up in front of the judge giggling to myself without going on and the entire audience was laughing.  – Nina Raemont
I put on a sports bra for tennis practice and my regular bra got hooked on the back of my shirt… Then I went through warm ups until one of my teammates asked why my bra was just chilling on my back.  – Rachel Santi
Leaving my car running while in class – Ryan Eschman
Almost halfway through senior year, I walked upstairs before realizing I needed to stay on the same floor and walked into the wrong math classroom. – Saffron Durrant
Getting pants in weights class  – Sam Concialdi
Sitting on hand sani – Sam Hillman
When my bus driver dropped me off in my neighborhood, but then pulled over on the side of the road with a bus full of kids to scream out the door “pull down your skirt!!!!” humiliating. – Samantha Tucker
Walking into the wrong class  – Samantha Wiles
The beginning of each year/semester when my teachers would stop class to learn to pronounce my name…and they still don’t have it.  – Sanjana Nath
During a football game after push ups I went to hop the fence and my hand slipped, and I tumbled over the fence. – Scott Stetz
Getting cleated in the groin while tackling someone in football my sophomore year. – Sean Sullens
Spelling Cincinnati wrong on a banner where we wrote what we were doing after high school. – Shannon Batliner
Walking into a senior class as a sophomore on accident – Sydney Riddell
I accidentally walked into the boys bathroom during the first week of my freshman year… that was the moment I knew I needed glasses. – Sydney White
When I forgot my cleats for baseball  – Tyler Hunter
This year on the first day of school when I was getting into my truck, I ripped my pants so much that they fell off. – Tyler Mead
Having to make out with a pillow in Mrs. Gallagher’s class – Valerie Tarazi
Running into the corner of walls – Vanessa Aguirre

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