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On April 1st, Prairie Ridge welcomed 10 German exchange students.  Jule, Patrick, Michael, Annette, Maria, Amos, Ron, Chiara, Lorenzo, and Annika, who  attend our Partner school the Goethe Gymnasium in Karlsruhe, Germany, have experienced a whirlwind introduction to local teenage life.

So far, the students have enjoyed their time at PR. After a welcome tour from Dr. Koch, the students were surprised by the large size of PR as well as the opportunities the school offers as well.

Jule Schulte, 15, says, ¨You guys have so many classes here. Classes like cooking and choir, we  do not have those (at our school) in Germany.¨

The teachers at PR gave the students a warm invite to sit in on any classes that intrigued them. Lorenzo, 15, enjoys math and science, and had a chance to sit in on an AP Biology class. ¨Mrs. Palese is so interesting. The class seems so challenging, but I really enjoyed it.”

After hearing the students´ reactions to our diverse academic and elective selections, they would like to say thank you to the teachers at PR for being so welcoming and kind.

Not only did our German friends get to experience time at PR, they also got a chance to explore the Midwest. Ron, Chiara, and Annika took a trip to Minnesota to visit the Mall of America. Their reaction was similar to that of PR. “It is so big!” states Ron, 15.

All of the students had a chance to see Chicago, and were delightfully shocked as well. ¨The architecture was amazing. We do not have anything like that in Germany. It was so much fun!¨ says Annette, 16.

In addition, the students got to experience some fun American activities, like a visit to a local Escape Room, eating hot dogs at Portillo’s, and going to a Cubs game at Miller Park.

Students will also visit Crystal Lake City Hall, Police, and Fire Departments and learn about local politics.

Overall, our German friends are enjoying their time at PR. We would like to give a big thank you to the Goethe Gymnasium and Prairie Ridge for making this exchange possible!

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