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Literary Magazine 2016-2017

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Mrs. Pham sponsored this year’s year’s literary magazine featuring original photography and writing by the following students:

Abby Klimkowski
Adya Kumar
Alex Brucki
Allen Miller
Allyson Akerberg
Amanda Nalepka
Amber Pooran
Autumn Pesina
Avery Sadowski
Cade Allen
Chase Ray
Dan Bruce
Emily Keck
Grace Leali
Hope Yeomans
Jacqueline Schneider
Jennifer Angeles
Jennifer Rau
Joseph Pinsky
Josie Sidi
Kaitlyn Bradshaw
Katie Anderson
Kayla Meadows
Kylie Costello
Lily Rizo
Madison Feezel
Megan Laufer
Pilar Goncalves
Samantha Ingwalson
Sara Orgler
Sean Sullens
Theron Lopez
Toby Asbach
Tyler Lentz

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Literary Magazine 2016-2017