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Amy Bland

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For the May Senior Edition, seniors wrote about their favorite teachers and classes. The class of 2018 had so much to say, we ran out of space! See below for ALL their responses, including those printed on pages 14-15.

Jensen and B because they teach my favorite subject and are just great people to talk to – AJ Weber
AP Research, Calculus, Psychology, Fuer, Boldwyn, Pellikan, Janshego, Kallwitz and Kendall – Alli Clark
Mr. Mason, Mr. Boldwyn and Hartl  – Anna Miller
Mrs. Passaglia, Mr. Terhaar, Mr. Cozzi, Mr. Koeppen, Mr. Schremp, Mr. Simak, Mrs. Buck, Mrs. Kendall, Mrs. Sosnowski – Anna Nash
Mrs. Boddy’s AB Calc class! – Anna Pontius
Both Ms. Tyler and Mr. Mason. They both are amazing role models and everyone loves them. They both are willing to do whatever it takes to help you when it comes down to anything. It can be school-related or personal. They were always there for me.  – Ashley Blitek
AP Seminar with Mr. Gimm (who doesn’t teach here anymore) because he’s so kind, understanding, funny, and made an effort to know his students. – Audrey Peterson
My favorite teachers are Mr. Stastny, Mrs. Buck, and Mr. Pellikan. All of these teachers have really encouraged me and have shown me that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.  – Baylee Todd
Mr. Mason – Becca Beecroft
AP Biology- Because Mrs. Palese always pushed me to do my best and she has prepared me very well for college! – Bella Persino
Ms. Orsi because of the many things she has taught me over the 3 years I have had her, Mr. Seiler and Mr. Wadlington for making senior classes some of the best ones yet, Mrs. Dunker and Mr Terhaar for being so enthusiastic about history and using that enthusiasm to teach  – Ben Schultz
Mr. Hardt, Mr. Powell, Mr. Koeppen, and Mrs. Sanford because they helped me grow academically  – Benjamin M. Walneck
Mr. Koeppen: Drones, Mr. Low: Tech and Design, Mr. Mason: Law in America – Bill Rittenhouse
AP Chem with Brockland and Seiler because the class is so much fun to be in, especially the second time when they let me senior lead and I don’t have to do the work – BJ Llaneta
Photography with Cummins because he is so laidback and good at what he does. Any Class with Wadlington because he has such a unique way of teaching and makes every class fun. Mrs. Buck because she’s my neighbor 🙂 – Cam Smith
Terhaar and Boldwyn because I can easily talk to them about my life, not just school. – Cameron Karney
Spanish is my favorite class because it’s easy and fun. – Carter Collins
APUSH with Mason because he made the class exciting on a daily basis and made it my favorite class of high school. – Chris MacDonald
Mrs. Boddy – SHE’S A G. Mrs. Billimack (Myth & Legends) – Her storytelling is legendary!  
Mrs. Steiner – Her room is amazing and she deals with me in there almost everyday. – Christian Burgos
I honestly have so many, but my favorite was Mr. Peckhart when he was here because he helped me develop my passion for business and taught me how to be successful in the business world. I also loved the Taeges and Mrs. Lee because they all made me want to study abroad in college and integrate myself in the Spanish culture. Lastly, Mr. Boldwyn, Mrs. Buck, and Mrs. Boddy made coming to school every day enjoyable because of how funny they are. – Colin Lamb
Mr Seyring because he always has a story to tell  – Cory Zordan
Overwhelmed thinking about how many teachers I’ve really enjoyed having here at PR. Thank you all! – Daniel Lamar
Mr. Boldwyn and Mr. Terhaar for their constant humor and positivity – Danny Sievers
Mrs. Brechbiel – David Pecoraro
Mrs. Buck: best person and math teacher ever. – Dean Reid
Mr. Boldwyn  – Dominic Rubino
Mrs. Boddy because duh – Elly Flemming
Mr. Cummins, always has little to say but makes us laugh every time. Mrs. Boddy, always worried about her students, most kind person you’ll ever meet. I got the privilege to dress as her for Prom Week.  – Emilee Covers
Mrs. Boddy – AP Calc, Mr. Seiler – AP Chem, Sr. Taege – AP Spanish because they just are the greatest. – Emily Jepsen
Fuer! She really cares about her students and really helped me make it through AP Sem. – Emily Keck
Madame Keaty because she’s always there to talk, she’s a great teacher and she always provides an outlet for me to make weird videos. And Mrs. Kendall because she somehow manages to make even calculus fun. – Emily Nikolich
Mr. Wadlington because he always challenges me to be my best. Mrs. Passaglia because I can talk to her about everything. Mr. Senese because he brings smiles to faces. Officer Dade because he goes out of his way to say hello. Dr. Koch because he is kind and has awesome snow day tweets. – Emily Perhats
AP Seminar with Mr. Gimm because he is the happiest person I’ve ever met, Frau Kieffaber, Mr. Senese, Mr. Card, Mrs. Bland – Emma Jewell
APUSH with Mr. Mason because class was always a fun time with him, and Current Events with Mr. Terhaar because the debates got heated.  – Emma Laurx
Mr. Wadlington and Mrs. Boddy- There’s nothing like arguing with Wads, and Mrs. Boddy is the sweetest lady ever! – Erik Truitt
Mr. Senese, cause he is the greatest teacher every known to man. – Garrett Weiler
Mr. Wadlington: AP Psych – Halle Baldwin
My favorite teachers are Mr. Simak and Mr. Karlblom because they have a good sense of humor and are easygoing.  – Hayden Bellson
Mr. Mason, Mr. Senese, Mr. Powell, and Mrs. Kallwitz because they made the class a fun environment. Dramatic Lit is just an amazing class with lots of laughs! – Hayley Smith
BC Calculus, AP Chem, and AP Psych – Hunter  Morlock
Mr. Senese, Mrs. Kendall, Mr. Lord Cummins, Mr. Petersen, because they are just the best – Iñigo Oropeza Gutierrez
Mr. Senese and Mrs. Boddy because they do everything to help us succeed!  – Isabel Fortman
Mr.Benson: he is a savage. Mr. Boldwyn: he is hilarious. Mr.Mason: amazing teacher. – Jack Coens
Mrs. Boddy, who is so nice and compassionate she made me care about her class even though I struggle with math. Only a great teacher can do that. – Jack Lotito
Mr. Seiler. He’s a funny guy, and I always learned a lot. Plus he’s great to talk with. – Jack Rudolf
Simak and Boddy because they are pretty cool. – Jacob Ommen
Koeppen, Low, and Benson – Jake Pavoris
Mr. Seyring because he is the man, and has great stories along with a great knowledge for what he teaches. Coach Pec because he provides some of the best quotes out there #coachpecquotes Diego in the lunchroom because he was always happy and outgoing, and was fun to talk to throughout all four years. Mr. Powell because he helped me mature through the golf team, and also was a ton of fun. – James Michaelson
Mr. Powell because of his jokes. – Jason Giffels
Mrs. Brockland: she is hilarious and has a pet fish. – Jawan Davis
Favorite teachers are Mrs. Stantesly, Mr. Zier, Mrs. Brockland, and Ms. Orsi because they have helped me the most throughout my academic career and also made it a fun experience. – Jena Berkland
Boldwyn because he makes everything so funny and interesting every day. – Jenna Hussar
Mr. Cummins, Mr. Terhaar, Mr. Koeppen, and Mrs. Brockland since they have helped me out a lot and entertained my humor. – Jerod Lawrence
Mrs. Billimack: most down to earth, understanding woman I have ever met. Mr. Boldwyn was very funny and made class enjoyable. – Jessie Ahrens
Mr. Terhaar: hands down the most engaging teacher, made my learning experience fun. – Jimmy Zitnik
Mr. Koeppen, Mr. Petersen, Mr. Simak, Mrs. Buck, Mrs. MacDonald. All these teachers had a huge impact on my life here at PR, making my experience here something I will never forget.  – Joe Perhats
Mrs. Brechbiel – John Pergler
Mrs. Kendall, Mr. Seyring, Mr. Petersen, Mrs. Billimack, Sra. Lee – Johnny Lenzi
US History because no one cares more about their students than Mr. Mason and Terhaar – Joseph Hansen
Orsi: she brings such a passion to every class she teaches, and I absolutely love math because I took her classes. She’s always been there for me throughout high school, and I couldn´t be more thankful. Fetzner: her bright personality is always able to make my day! She’s everybody’s biggest cheerleader. Mr. and Mrs. Taege: I’ve known both of them since freshman year, and they’ve been some of my biggest supporters throughout high school. They both care so much about their students, and they truly love what they do which makes class fun every day! – Julia Alvey
Mrs. Palese, Mrs. Boddy, Mr. Petersen, Mr. Wadlington – Justin Mikolajczewski
Prairie Ridge honestly has the best teachers. One of the most inspirational teachers I have had throughout high school was Mrs. Powe–my teacher for my favorite class of creative writing. I was lucky enough to become very close with Mrs. Powe, and it is amazing how much she cares for all of her students. She has forever impacted my writing with her encouragement and feedback, especially in creative writing. The class is inspiring and allows you to truly understand yourself and your classmates more than you thought was possible. – Justine Golata
Mr. Peckhart: sparked my love of marketing. Herr Kremer: made every day of German fun. Mr. Senese: he made sure to care about every single one of his students. Mrs. Stantesly: always made us laugh – Katarina Schaffer
Terhaar/APUSH – Kate Ferguson
Mrs. Brockland- Honors Chemistry – Katie Anderson
Mrs. Powe! She was always extremely understanding and taught me that my voice was meant to be heard. Plus she helped me get into college (true homie) – Katie Frey
Mrs. Hartnett genuinely cares about each and every one of her students. And my forever favorite teacher will always be Mr. Mason. He made class fun again, and he just always made it a point to talk and get to know every student. – Katie Hemstreet
All of them – Katie Schaschwary
Mrs. Steiner: she puts up with everyone and has an abundance of knowledge and is a great person to talk to.  – Katie Svehla
Mrs.Buck: no other teacher has as much energy as her and she makes you excited to come to class! – Kaylee Langland
Mrs. Boddy (AP AB CALC)- ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TEACHER. Mrs. Boddy is fun, cracks jokes, and makes calculus so enjoyable. I love spending time with her in the classroom or STEM center. Mr. Terhaar (APUSH)-  Mr. Terhaar knows how to make a PowerPoint and history interesting. He is so passionate about everything he does, which is something to admire. Mrs. Dunker (H World Studies)- Her energy and positive attitude is so admirable. Mr. Wadlington (Ap Psych)- Mr. Wadlington showed me what a college class will feel like. I love psychology and the discussions we have had in that class. I highly recommend it!! Mrs. Powe (creative writing) – Mrs. Powe is such a kind and genuine person!! I loved her class!! Mr. Senese (APES) – Mr. Senese taught me how to not worry about the little things. Thank you, Mr. Senese! Mr. Low (IED)- Mr. Low has so much patience and you can tell that he really loves what he does. He really cares about his students! – Kelsy Turskey
Mason because he made every day so much better. Seiler because he makes me laugh way too hard. Mrs. Powe because she is the cutest human ever. Mrs. Gallagher because she is so excited to teach about the theater. – Kendall Greenberg
Mr. Boldwyn made every day in class a new experience and taught us things that have never been uttered in the history of humanity. – Kevin Gilbert
POE and DE with Mr. Benson because of the Country Donuts – Kyle Hamilton
Mrs. Brechbiel: she is a very nice teacher.  – Kyle Krcmar
Art because I need a creative outlet in life. – Kylie Costello
Mrs. Buck, Mrs. Boddy, Mrs. Passaglia, and Mr. Senese for being such great teachers and role models and for always making coming to school and learning very enjoyable. – Kylie Schremp
AP Calc AB with Mrs. Boddy because she can always make me laugh.  – Lauren Losch
Mr. Mason’s class because he always tried to do fun and stupid things to help us learn and have fun.  – Lauren Mast
Mrs. Brockland, Mrs. Stantesly, Mr. Taege, Mrs. Fuerholzer, Mr. Pellikan, Mrs. Dunker, Mr. Zier, Mr. Koeppen, Mr. Wadlington – they all made class incredibly fun and made big efforts to get to know me as a person. They all care so deeply about their students and what they teach; they make PR such a wonderful place.  – Lillian Voce
Frau Kiefferbar always had a joke  – Lina Ramann
Mr. Senese: he is the man.  – Lukas Sokalski
Mrs. Passaglia: I always know I can come to her about anything that I need to talk about. And Mr. Boldwyn because he’s always making the classroom a fun atmosphere and making me laugh all the time! I never know what to expect each day because he’s always changing it up, which I love!! – Mackenzie Garis
Boddy! Not only is she a great teacher, she is also an amazing person. I don’t think I could have made it through my senior year without her. – Maddie King
Mrs. Palese & Mr. Seiler (AP Bio/AP Chem)– amazing teachers and people – Maddie Wittwer
AB Calc, because I like math and Mrs. Boddy is an awesome teacher. – Madison Hawrysz
Mr. Powell: he taught me to become a better student and has always been there for me when I need someone. He continues to inspire me even though I don’t see him every day.
Mr. Mason: Mr. Mason ALWAYS had a smile on his face. He always made sure I was okay and having a good day. He spread so much good and happiness …he also had really good dad jokes!  – Maraya Januszewski
My favorite teachers are Terhaar, Kendall, and Wads. My favorite classes are Marketing, APUSH, and AP Psych.  I enjoyed the classes and I learned a lot. – Margot Crawley
Mr. Boldwyn, because he’s the biggest troll and one of the funniest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting.  – Matthew King
Mr. Seiler – AP Chem (and Brockland too) because I learned a lot and had a lot of the kind of fun that would make my mom freak out. – Matthew Tremblay
Mrs. Powe, Mr. Terhaar, Mr. Mason, and Mr. Powell. All of these amazing teachers have found ways to teach me life lessons while also teaching me what I need to know for class. – May LaRue
AP Seminar with Mr. Gimm – the most incredible teacher and all around person who brightened every day. – Megan Anderson
My all time favorite teachers are Mrs. Buck, Mr. Senese, Mr. Terhaar, Mrs. Powe, Mr. Pellikan, Coach Lee, Mrs. Kendall and Mr. Karlblom. I loved all of the classes I took, especially my English ones. Every teacher at Prairie Ridge is phenomenal. I only named a few!! – Melina Weil
Mrs. Passaglia, Mr. Boldwyn: both amazing teachers and made class fun. – Michael Pilafas
Mr. Senese: always very passionate about what he is teaching. Mrs. Fuerholzer (AP Seminar): one of the most fun classes that I’ve ever taken, a lot of work, but totally worth it. – Mitch Mueller
Mr. Boldwyn because he’s a funny dude. – Nick Marconi
Mr Sargeant. He’s like a father to me. – Nick Sargeant
Mr. Mason for obvious reasons – Nicola Falco
Sr. Taege and all my spanish classes have been so fun and special because I’ve been in the same class with the same group of people for four years now and I’ve become close with so many new people. Spanish is so fun, and Sr. Taege genuinely cares about everyone in his classes. – Nicolette Schlup
Wads and AP Psych because he’s a groovy dude and it’s a groovy class – Nina Raemont
AP Euro with Dunker because she made me love history – Patrick Nasta
Mrs. Boddy: every day she had a positive attitude and taught math so well. She was a teacher that I knew I could count on for more than math! – Payton Phelps
Mr. Pellikan because he is an all around awesome guy that I have had many classes with and someone I would consider a friend. Mrs. Boddy because freshman year I had algebra with her first period and she never failed to make the class fun. Mr. Boldwyn because although I have only had one class with him, he is a really funny and intelligent guy but also really likes to challenge his students. – Quinten Luri
Mr. Senese, Mr. Stastny and Mrs. Kallwitz because they are great people to have conversations with. – Rachel Santi
Boldwyn, Boddy, Stantesly, Kallwitz, Petersen – Ryan Eschman
AP GOV – Ryan Figgs
Mrs. Fuerholzer (AP Seminar) because AP Misled was a very challenging class and she tried to make the class as fun as possible. Mrs. Kallwitz (AP Physics and H Alg. II w/ Trig) because she’s so bright and bubbly and always made my day better with her daily stories. Sr. Taege ( Spanish III and AP Spanish) because he tried his best to make AP less tedious and shared his love for the Spanish culture and studying abroad. – Saffron Durrant
Mr. O’Neil and Mr. Boldwyn: always excited and have something funny to say.   – Sam Concialdi
Curt Wadlington because he is 200% man. – Sam Hillman
AP Seminar with Mrs. Fuerholzer, because I learned how to use my voice (Mitch throwing the stapler out the window didn’t hurt either). Honors Chemistry with Mrs. Brockland, because I’ve never loved a challenge as much as I loved struggling through chem. AP Psychology with Mr. Wadlington, because I learned that I don’t have to handle everything on my own (and I had the psych squad). French with Mme Keaty, because she’s the best and so is that language. – Samantha Tucker
Sra. Lee, Mr. Peterson – Samantha Wiles
Honestly all my teachers deserve an award for putting up with me, especially you Seidog. – Sanjana Nath
Mr. Mason was one of a kind. He made class something I looked forward to, and he made an effort to connect with every student. He was the happiest teacher in the school and a role model to everyone. – Scott Stetz
Mrs. Boddy because she made math fun. – Sean Sullens
Mrs. Stantesly, Mr. Seiler and AP Chem because who doesn’t love AP Chem? – Shannon Batliner
Mr. Senese and Kremer and Frau Kieffaber – Sydney Riddell
Mr. Dusenske because not only does he do his job as an amazing counselor, but he makes sure every single student feels important and loved. Also, Mr. Jensen because he taught me to be resilient, and that you can truly accomplish anything with hard work. – Sydney White
Hartl: always [has] good stories to tell; Boddy: [makes] math better than it’s ever been. Coach Pec: [gives] great advice and quotes in gym. – Tasha Schaffer
Mrs. Boddy – The OG, Mr. Burger, Mr. Cummins – Tiff Petersen
Mr. Mason, Mrs. Stantesly, Mr. Hoover, and Mr. Peckhart because they made learning fun – Tyler Hunter
Mr. O’Neill made learning fun, and made me want to work hard in his classes. Plus I loved when we watched Jokamel. – Tyler Mead
Mr. Senese, Mme Keaty, Mr. Hardl, Mrs. Body, Mrs. Stantesly  – Valerie Tarazi
Mr. Boldwyn and Mr. Terhaar always brighten my day with their jokes or ask how my day is going. – Vanessa Aguirre
Terhaar, Boddy, Mason – Zach Gulbransen

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