Bad News for Hockey Fans

Michael Scott

November 16, 2012

NHL Lockout will continue through November On October 28th NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced that the NHL lockout will continue through November and possibly longer. Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly stated, “we had tried t...

Fresh/Soph Tennis Wrap

Leah Asen

October 23, 2012

Back and forth. Back and forth. No, it’s not a fight between you and your parents, but it is over almost as quick. Although you might not win the fight with Dad, PR certainly won what they went up against. The PR girls Fresh/Soph...

Homecoming Loss: One More Wound in Disappointing Season

Mitch Stengel

October 9, 2012

Last year, smiles were on everyone’s face. We had won state in football for the first time in school history. An energetic squad proved the whole community wrong, and they led us to a title in Champaign, Illinois. So, where...

New Kids on the Field

Mitch Stengel

October 9, 2012

Being born with a knack for soccer is quite a gift. Just ask sophomores Luke Feetterer, Sam Reynolds, Nick Hoklas, and Josh Reichert. These players are the sole sophomores that not only practice with Varsity, but play in games...

Bye Bye Tebow, Manning’s Coming to Town

Jeremy Schrank, Staff Writer

April 14, 2012

One of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, one of the best winners in the history of the NFL, even Manning can be “kicked off” the team he did so much for. Try to think when the Colts last missed the playoffs under Manning;...

Top Athletes Sign With Colleges

Jeremy Schrank

February 15, 2012

Recently, a few seniors made decisions on where they plan to compete in the future. First, senior catcher Matt Krenz decided to play at John A. Logan Junior College in Carbondale, Illinois. Logan is widely known as one of the...

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