Words of Gratitude

In the spirit of the six-word memoir, as requested of The New York Times readers, students at Prairie Ridge completed our form asking them to tell us precisely what they are grateful for this year. Each line below is from a PR student:

The absence of death in death…
Corona is soon to be over.
My Family and I Are Healthy.
Fun new activities, learning every day.


My family put up Christmas decorations!
Covid has not hurt my family.
My family is always around now.
I wear sweatpants all the time!


Got a lot closer to family
Valuing other people more every day
Still got me, myself and I
Spending quality time with loved ones
Family is there no matter what.


Ability to take a step back
Figuring out my passion in life.
Went through lots of character development
New appreciation for school and family
Next year will be here soon.


Sleep is here. It is Friday.


Having a roof over my head
Being close with family and friends
People looking out for each other
Family, friends, horses, life, and everything
Sports, friends, family – all I need!


Friends make the world not suck.


I’m thankful for the little things.
The opportunities my parents give me
Thankful for everyone in my life
Thankful to be passing my classes


The ability to choose my path
Opportunity to learn during these times
Constant support from family and friends
I’m grateful for opportunities I have.


Waking up seconds before class starts
Walking around, seeing the Christmas lights
New friends that enjoy countless memories
I am grateful to be me.
That I dwell in this time….


Didn’t succumb to COVID or boredom
I found time to discover myself.


Started gaming with my little brother
Special time with my sister, remembering
Learning to love myself, never hate
Chess, Nietzsche, Christ: these; Beauty Incarnate…

Thank you to Mrs. Pham for sharing this idea and to all the students who submitted six-word stories.