Year of Quarantine

Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

2020 is a year that has mostly been spent quarantined. Covid-19 changed our livelihood.

What would school be like without human contact? The way we stay safe and get education is through remote learning. 

Remote learning is where a student and the teacher are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment. Information is taught through technology, such as discussion boards, video conferencing, and online assessments.

Since remote learning has progressed, my daily life has changed drastically during the school year.

I start the morning the same as a regular school day, but after I get ready for the morning, I get on Zoom. Zoom is a very important aspect of remote learning because it allows you to talk and see your teacher and classmates, while being at home.

During the school day, we follow a normal school schedule, but online. At the start of the school year, we had to do a block schedule: less classes, longer classes, every day.

We later started hybrid learning. We changed our schedule to the same schedule high school would have any other year with nine periods, but 2 days a week you can go to school and 2 days you have to stay home.

After the school day everything is the same as it would be without Covid.

Remote learning brings some challenges every day, but we are getting used to it.

The country is trying to conquer Covid-19 so we can get back to regular school before the first year of remote learning ends, which will hopefully be soon.