Seniors Name their Favorite Underclassmen


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In August, Introduction to Business students met virtually with PR graduate Sam Wheeland to discuss the power of networking, obtaining a mentor, and learning that “the worst thing someone can say is no.”

Autumn Brown is most definitely my favorite underclassman!! She’s super funny and quirky and relatable—she’s just the best!! I wouldn’t be able to survive quarantine without her!! (Also everyone on my props crew and everyone in the saxophone section—you know who you are) – Aaliyah Brown

David Llanes-one of the funniest people I know!! He always knows how to make someone laugh! – Aaliyah Pooran

Ellie Jensen, because she’s the only underclassman I can freely bully.  – Adam Jensen

Daniel Lossev: Fun, Witty  – Alek Lossev

Ellie King- funny and has no chill – Alexis Baron

Katya Flougher because she is always happy and is always willing to learn and get better whether in an athletic way or academically  – Alexis Kantner

Leah Walters – such a sweet and caring person I did cross country with her and instantly became best friends & Allie Uhlarik – such a funny and caring person she has always been so sweet  – Alyssa Meade 

Mr. Taege’s Spanish 1 class 🙂  being a senior leader for you guys was the highlight of my year!! – Alyssa Rzany

Bri because she’s super sweet and fun to be around – Amy Glenn

Tyler Vasey, James Muse, Brogan Amherdt because they made teaching my freshman seminar class really enjoyable and they always kept the mood light for the class. – Andrew Khoury

Kevin Koch- He is a very funny and social person to be around.. – Andrew Woenker

Alex Adrowski – She always finds a way to make me laugh and smile everyday. – Anna Lasswell

Antonio Randazzo – Anthony Pizzo

Bella Sassine, she never fails to make me laugh even on my worst days. – Ashley Kmiec

Lia Cummings ‘cause she is literally so cool and funny. – Bree Wright

Matt Nygren. My mom would yell at me if I didn’t pick my little brother. – Brett Nygren

Charlie Inion – Brian Batliner

Xan. I don’t know many underclassmen, but he is a super cool friend. Really funny and chill to hangout with 🙂 – Britney Martinez

Trevor Taulien because he’s like a brother to me and treats me like the big sister he never had – Caitlyn Shore

Emily Ahrens because she made high school an amazing experience for me.  – Cameron Gablenz

Sam Gawronski – kid is a walking meme and for a sophomore was good at gym volleyball. – Carson Veath

Matt Savas has been a great friend, has provided many laughs over three years, and has been wonderful to work with in class and onstage. – Collin Preves 

Michael Effinger: he’s a goon. – Connor Hamilton

Zach Bentsen was my man during football. Worked hard every single day and was a great teammate. Going to miss our car rides to Thursday dinners. – Connor Lydon

Arya Aitipamula and Amanda Drozt for being awesome Science Olympiad members – Daisy Kucharski

Nate La Fever. He is without a doubt the funniest sophomore, and I enjoyed having to drive him around all the time for football events. – Danny Lewis

Natalie Aguilar: it’s cool to see her around school. – Denies Aguilar

Grace Koeppen and Rylee Lydon – Elise Gregory

Christa Reiche, Graysen Gerlinger & Sydney Munk because they are the most fun & funky people I have ever met and I love them with my whole heart – Eliza Dzurisin

Emma Defort: always so fun to be around and you just have to love her. – Emily Cabay

Annelise Warren and Megan Clark because I will always remember teaching them how to march for Marching Band. – Emily Golbeck

Allie Uhlarik – Emily McKnight 

David Llanes: super funny and will befriend anyone. – Faith Rudolf

Mason Loucks, Ryan Koelblinger – George Concialdi

Danny Saville – Grant Klepitsch

Izzy Pollastrini because she is hilarious and has a kind heart. – Greta Heinz

Nick Chandler! He’s so funny we stan!! – Haidy Perez

Abby Fry because I love her – Haley Mari

My sister Lily because even though she drives me insane sometimes, I don’t know what I’d do without her. – Heidi Goodale

My sister, Brook Emricson, because we get to drive to and from school every day together. – Hope Emricson

Brock Matthias because he is a legend – J.T. Matthias

Bridget Jewell – Jake Koffer

Maddy Uhl, Madisen Pavoris, and Abi Zelikman – these three freshman never failed to make me smile everyday when were teammates on the swim team this year – Jamie Gindorf

My golf girls- Bri, Tucker, Grace, Abby, Heather, and Ellie. I loved spending my final golf season with them! – Joie Gindorf

Christa Reiche: we have been friends since my sophomore year. She is very cute and awesome. – Jolene Carlson

Mason Loucks, Ryan Koelblinger, Victor Rangel – Josh Crandall

Forrester Faia: he’s always incredibly upbeat and never afraid to show others how to have a good time. – Joshua Scherrer

Ellie Scherrer! She’s the sweetest and most fun person to around. – Kailee Pulda

Rachel Brown she’s a real and down to earth person who can have an amazing conversation with you and can take jokes she’s got a strong head on her shoulders and has been there for me.  – Karen Ferral 

Vedika Shah would be my favorite underclassman. I’ve had the pleasure to get to know her on the speech team and in the musical. She is such a hardworking person who will surely go far in the arts at PR! – Kayla Hochman

More than just one but, the girls from my xc team!! All of the freshmen and sophomores this year were so so special, and I loved being their teammate and friend!  – Kennedy Garner 

Megan Koelblinger because she is literally my favorite person. – Kenzi Iddings 

Zach Scherrer because he’s effortlessly funny and great to work with. – Kevin Akerberg

Kevin Fist – Kyle Coliflores

Karstan, Ryan, & Megan Koelblinger – Kyle Koelblinger

Megan Koelblinger & Karstan Koelblinger – Lily Alcazar

Abbi and Alex Harris: these girls will always have your back. – Macy Biggam

Brenna Szot. She is really sweet, funny, caring, nice, etc. – Maddie Schwantz

Ryan Huellen! He’s very committed to everything he does while also being funny at the same time! – Maiyah Devenport

Drew Rightmyer since I drove him to school during the year – Mark Rohloff

Mason Loucks, Patrick Coyle – Matthew Loucks

Savana Claxton, since she is a really fun person to be around and lets me pet her dogs. – Megan Zang

David Llanes is my favorite underclassman because he always finds a way to make me smile and gives amazing hugs! – Mia Coliflores

Shoutout to Sophie, Leah, and Colette for making choir something to look forward to. PS. make sure to carry out my Queso Wednesday legacy after I’m gone. – Mia Storz

Arya and Sayak because I’ve known them for like forever and they’re so sweet! – Neha Konjeti

Alex Bainbridge: hands down the only cool freshman – Niall Brady

My favorite underclassman would have to be Connor Spreitzer because he’s funny and chill and always called me his school momma. – Nicole Hernandez 

Vedika Shah! I had so much fun with her on speech team this year and cannot wait to see what she does in the coming years! – Nina Gregory

My sister Bridget because she’s hilarious and my best friend. Hannah David because she’s my badminton buddy, and I miss her so much! Sophia Leli and Brooklyn Kocent, HuGe wouldn’t be the same without them!  – Olivia Jewell 

Kaylin and Kendall Mitchell because they are practically my family. They are super fun to be around extremely outgoing and know how to cheer anyone up. – Payton Andrlik

Brock Matthias because he is a funny guy and he isn’t afraid to embarrass himself – Peyton Richardson

David Llanes because he never fails to make me laugh and gives the best hugs. – Rebekah Piotrowski 

Kevin Fist because he is making me say this. – Ryan Fist

Taidghan Trost – He is probably the goofiest kid I have ever met; he could make me laugh in an instant. It was also fun competing with him in one-handed catch contests at football practice. – Ryan Goudschaal

My brother cause he’s the only one I really know. – Ryan Kuhn

Gianna Bruggeman, the best cousin a girl could ask for! – Sabrina Vlk

Chris Elliott. I met him in my Autos class junior year, we have a friendship that is tight, and we helped each other in class and out of class as well. – Samantha Loudon

My sister Izzy–she’s very understanding and actually gives really good advice …. Saif Karim would be my second choice because he is Saif Karim  – Sarah Pollastrini

I’d have to say Avery Daly was my favorite. The guy is super nice and he’s very funny in his own sorta way. Guy seems to be heading in a good direction in life and here’s hoping that it’ll stay that way for years to come. – Sid Lara

Joe Pokonosky and Mason Schleicher because they were fun to hang around with on the golf team and math team. – Spencer Alvey

Austin because he is always joking around with me and the other higher class man and is cool to be with. – Spencer Hall

Julia Vosberg because she was my Spanish partner and she made that class bearable and it’s always a fun time around her. – Tia Adams

Trace Vrbancic – He’s my brother. – Tighe Vrbancic

I love so many of them and I really hate to choose favorites. So I suppose my top two would be my friend Lain (because I’ve known him from middle school and he’s just such a fun and exciting person to be around), and my Beg Treb sopranos (not just one but all. I’ve been able to watch them grow and it has been such a joy to be able to help them and even become friends with them. They are such a talented group). – Torie Mertens

Daniel Khoury because he is a clown, but in a good way – Tristan Viegas

Amanda Cole because she is very honest, nice, caring and funny.  – Victoria Fisher

My favorite underclassman would be Rosie Rojewski! She’s been so supportive of everything I do. She’s the funniest, most genuine person I’ve ever met, and she truly just wants the best for everyone. She’s also very talented and a skilled player. Overall, Rosie is going to go far. – Zoe Riordan