Sarah Pollastrini

a class of 2020 senior to know


Sarah Pollastrini was nominated by faculty as a senior to know from this year’s graduating class.

I have really enjoyed spending more time with my family during the stay-at-home order. I have felt a lot closer to them recently not only on a quite literal level, but also on an emotional one. We’ve had more time to talk and listen to each other’s stories, which was much harder to do when everybody was getting home late from sports, work, or other events before. My younger sister has even posted weekly “Quarantine Events” flyers all around the house, which have included events like Florida Day, Catan War, Stranger Things Marathon, Play Auditions, etc. Everything going on has made me remember that my family is always there for me and that I should probably make some changes to my busy schedule when this is all over.

I am most proud that I broke out of my shell and formed new relationships at Prairie Ridge. I went to a small private school for nine years before high school, so I really only knew about six people going in. I signed up for as many sports, clubs, and activities as I could my freshman year, and it was one of my best decisions because I was able to meet so many of my best friends that I would go through all of high school with!

Next year, my plan is to study Mechanical Engineering at Montana State University with a minor in biology. As the days are getting closer, my nerves about being so far away from my family and best friends are starting to rise, but so is my excitement for a new adventure. I’m excited to push myself even further out of my comfort zone and do so in such a beautiful state!