Hailey Baker encouraged the class of 2017 to take selfies using #PRFamily2017.

Hi, everyone. My name is Hailey Baker, and I am here today to share some memories and leave you with a challenge. We have a lot to look back on as the class of 2017.

We’ve faced many challenges over the past four years. Most recently, I think it’s safe to say that we have been young voters in the most… interesting presidential election to date. We will never again have to worry about AP tests, “Proma Drama”, or gaining the top spot in the annual gym volleyball tournament. P.S. Please excuse my competitiveness, I’m sorry for all those things I said. As the class of 2017, we have so many great memories to celebrate. We’ve been apart of the greatest musicals and dances. We spent our weekends cheering each other on and inhaling hundreds of pounds of baby powder. Besides, how many people can say their football team won state their senior year? As much as I’d like to think Saturdays are for leisurely activities with friends and family, it’s been proven after many tweets and one obnoxious flag, Saturday’s are indeed for the boys, our boys.

We have some of the most amazing people here at PR, and there is a lot to be thankful for. Thank you to the teachers that gave out loads of homework, for teaching us you have to work hard to gain success. And thank you to the ones that didn’t, for showing us there is always room for a little fun. Thank you to the administrators who kept us in line, while showing us it’s okay to make mistakes. I mean cmon I bet you won’t find another principal that kills the twitter game just as well as Dr. Koch does. On top of that, we all know our school officer has better moves than all of us combined… that dab is fierce. Thank you to the counselors that welcomed us in with open arms, I don’t know what I would’ve done without Mrs. Berg and Mrs. Steiner. Lastly, a special thank you to our parents and grandparents for being our greatest role models, and most importantly, never ever giving up on us. Aside from the thank you’s, there is one big important thing I want you to take away today, graduates.

As the social media enthusiasts that we are, our Instagrams and Facebook pages are filled with our best friends that we have made the past four years. The pictures are with those we are comfortable with. The people that fit inside our box. As we sit here today, take a second to notice the person sitting next to you. Chances are, sitting alphabetically, the person sitting next to you is not your best friend. You may have never even had a conversation with them before. No matter who it is, I challenge you class of 2017, to take out your phones right now. Flip to camera. No matter who it is, snap a selfie with the person you are sitting next to. Not just that, add it to your Twitter or Facebook wall with the hashtag “#PRFamily2017.”

As we move on to college or wherever life may take us, it is essential that we continue to “take selfies” with people outside of our comfort zones. I challenge you to make a friend in college with someone you wouldn’t have approached in high school. Life is about taking risks and trying new things. There are amazing people sitting all around you today. Everybody here is someone worth getting to know. As we dive into new places that might seem bigger and better, think back on the places and people we call home. We are a Family, a PR Family. Let’s all promise to come back for our reunion, so we can see how successful and attractive we’ve all gotten.. I’m talking to you, Jake Boddy.

Although this may seem like the end, it is only the beginning. With that, it is only right to take a selfie together as the class of 2017. *takes selfie with graduating class via selfie stick* Step outside your box, be courageous, and never stop taking selfies. Thank you, and now a final word from Dr. Koch.