January 2007

Included in this print edition:
SNOW DAY!!! by Priyanka Vedak
C.A.R.T.S.: The Community Alcohol Resistance for Teens and Students by Brittany Johnson
When Reform, Not Just Time, Will Heal All Wounds by Audrey Schlofner
The Weirdest Five Months of My Life. Experiences of a Foreign Exchange Student by Sylvia Falcke
College Corner: Iowa State University by Brittany Johnson
Senior Spotlight: Sydney Hazlewood by Justin Voel-pel
Faculty Spotlight: Mr Mason by Amy Grade
Holiday Desires by Lauren Davies and Kendra Downer
Movie Review: Casino Royale by Luke Schuler
Technology Beat: Sony Reader by John Rendace
Mystery, Tragedy, Romance. The Pact by Jodi Picoult by Amy Brachmann
Video Game Wars by Johnny Coconate
Video Game Review: Dead Rising by Lora Jaki
… And We’re Keeping You Entertained for Yet Another Month by Maggie Burns
Break or Not? By Amy Brachmann
Can You See Me Now? Looking at MySpace by Katie Glosson
Stop Swearing by Katrina Behning
Athlete Spotlight: Joey Timmer by Zayad Bangash
Wolves Over Trojans by Zayad Bangash